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YERBLUES..."Live it,love it,360 shove-it".

This video was sent to me by my friend Jay Hough....I came home late one night and there it was,sitting in the i went upstairs..made a pizza and popped the video in.This is a good video with lots of skating and good music.This video features the skating of Justin Kerr,Rob Hann,Jeremy Epps,Jay Hough,the Serrano brothers,Darren Hall,Spencer Little,Paul Bitts,Peter Smolik,Dorian Tucker,and Josh Kasper.The skating was very good and was filled with all the usual stuff...stairs,gaps,lots of rails,and some launch ramp footage!...heelflips,backside kickflips,pop shoves,frontside's all in there.Another thing i liked about the video was that it had a slam don't see too many of those around any more..and it was a nice addition,this video had some of the best slams..since the old Life and Plan B slam sections.Some of the highlights were Dorian's super long 50-50 across the whole rail...Darren Hall's(i think) early grab down the big carlsbad gap....Jay Hough's lipslide and frontside railslide down the ten stair rail...Rob Hann's kickflip over a chain and down a 6 foot drop..Pete Smolik's 50-50 and lipslide down a huge rail..and Josh Kasper's heelflip indy at the y.m.c.a.,benihanna over a rail and kickflip a huge double set.If you live in San Diego and ever get the chance to see this sure to check it out.

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