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Foundation Thoughts.

"You can be my queen...of darkness."

Remember our love - Our darkness together?
We walked the tightropes - Light as a feather.
It broke apart - But did it ever die?
Would you be willing to give it one more try?
Let's walk the thinnest line - Just you and me.
Walk away from the light - Till we can't see.
Dimness then darkness - That's where we'll be.
This time we'll stay faithful - Just you and me.
We'll give to each other - Our bond is our teather.
A love like no other - We'll be alone - Together.
And i'll be the king - If you know what i mean.
And in a state of darkness - You'll be my queen.

"Sob Story."

It's too fucking hard - I can't let her go.
Killing time with bottles of old crow.
No matter how hard i try.
No matter how hard i lie.
To myself - I don't need her - I don't love her.
I can't help it - I need her - I love her.
Take another hit off your cigarette.
Feeling any better yet?
I want what i had.
She was what i wanted.
Our true love almost forgotten - covered - Disguised as hate.
I can still hear you say "i love you".
And a tear come to my eye.
As i long to hold you again.
You were my warm soft place.
The only place i felt safe.
I don't feel right with any other girl.
I want you - I want my beautiful girl back.
I can't make myself love someone else.
When i'm still in love with you.

"The Pearly Gates."

I don't believe there is a heaven up above.
Nor do i believe in a religions claim of love.
A martyr for a fictitious character - That of greek mythology.
Belief in something that doesn't exist - Is not for me.
Following a set of religious guidelines - To send you on your way.
To heaven - The must pay and pay.

"Russian Roulette."

I just sit there and watch
As you rip my heart out
And hold it there before me.
As it beats to your merciless LOVE.
Every beat,begging for mercy.
From it's MISTRESS.
Your wrath is felt as you toss
It in the air a couple of times.
Only to catch it with a
Harder,more hateful grip.
Squeezing the never-ending LOVE.
Out of it - You laugh at me
Knowing i will never leave.
Mys stupidity is written across
Your eyes reading my every move
Twist it and turn it
Turn me against myself.
for it truly is my FAULT.
You treat me the way you do.
Look for my weakness'
And use them against me
Use them to get
Play with my mind - Slowly but surely.
KILL ME, for you are my salvation
Drain me like a vampire.
While you still can.
For one day, your weakness will become my power.
As i realize you as my SIN.
But the day of realization.
Is one second too late.
As you have taken
My life
For the last time.

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