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Alright,this is a boring story...but i wanted more stuff on my i decided to write about the T.s.a. party that i went to last thursday.Anyways...i was sleeping at around 4 in the afternoon cause i had just gotten home from work..when my friend Brian Reid called...he told me that he was in town and to meet him at the huntington park...anyways..i told him that i broke my board the day before skating he says to me to come down anyways and he'll hook me up with a Maple deck.So i drove down there and put my new board together...ended up skating for about 20 minutes when we hooked up with Chad Muska.So the three of us went to Brian Patches house and hung out for the next two hours while Chad waited for weed.Then he said that they were gonna put on a big party down at the T.s.a. wharehouse in santa ana...because Miguel,the owner is going to jail the next day.So then we leave to go to Etnies to check out some of the footage for the upcoming T.s.a. video...and around 9 at night we are on our way to the party...chad specifically wanted to load the party up with those st.ides special brew fruit punch minutes later and about 20 liquor stores..we finally found a place that had them in stock...we ended up getting 28 of them along with 2 cases of budweiser.Now we are at the party..and we load the ice filled garbage can with our brews...along with two more cases of first there was only about 15 people there..but 3 special brews and some coronas later...i looked up and there was about 100 people...from outta nowhere...not too many girls though..only about 10 at the i just sat around and kept talkin trash..when the real fun begins...the strippers!!...drank some more beer...and watched as two strippers went at it...but the absolute best thing about it was that some of the girls from the party were getting down with the strippers..and givin them money and rubbing them...that was exiting...i just sat atop the staircase watching the action...i couldn't believe how much money they were makin...300 for them to show up..then all the tip money to get them to do the end of the night they probably made 1500 easily...anyways i just watched all the action and tried to use my photographic memory for later use that night..anyways..brian gave one of them some bills and the girl came up the stairs to me and rubbed her body all over me and rubbed her tits in my face...i was fun..but i wasn't too impressed..anyways..after the strippers left...the beer was brian drove me back to etnies where i left my car..then i went home and went to sleep...thats it..the end.

people support team santa ana.