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well well it is..the Big Brother video...your favorite magazine is now out on video....what can i say?..the video is pretty good,it's mostly the same sequence and still photos you saw in the past big brother mags..only now it's on real live video....however..there is lots of funny video footage on it as well...candid footage of what the big brother staff actually does when they are on tour....lots of good super 8 footage...i love super 8 just looks so good and nostalgic.Anyways...there is some good skating in this video..and some of the skating parts that stand out are Ronnie Creager's,Daewon Song's,Bill Peppers,and Paulo Diaz's parts.Lots of other fun stuff the depend's diaper party,Dave Carnie's naked body all over the place,Wigstock,and Mardi Gras 95'.In conclusion...the video is alright,but i wouldn't buy it..if you come across a free copy like i did..then by all means,add it to your collection.Oh,and it's a great movie to pop in the vcr at a party so everyone can watch it while they're drunk.

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