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"Seven Steps To Heaven"..was the name of the new Maple video which premiered on june 14th at La Paloma theatre in encinitas california...the video starts off with Kien"donger"Lieu..skating with a flowing style,he pretty much ollies his way through his video part...long lines and repetetive 360 flips and kickflips...all in all..just a cruising part with nothing really up,we have Aaron"Boo"Snyder...Aaron skates good...and likes to get pretty technical..nollie noseslides on handrails...switch backside lipslides on blocks...and a switch 360 flip over a roof to roof gap(courtesy of Reid Archives)season his is technical wonderboy Dave Mayhew...Dave flips and pops his skate up,over,and down anything that comes in his path...he is always consistent with a super smooth style...some of his notable tricks in the video were..switch backside 180 to nose manual to nollie flip out...nollie 50-50's and lipslides on handrails...and much more...personally..i don't think that his video part gave him the credit he deserves...Jason Carney is next..his part starts out with him puking his brains out after one of those long pacific beach drinking nights..Jason does alot of big ollies and handrail stuff...he doesn't really film that that is why his part isn't very of his best tricks in his part was a kickflip from one roof..over a bar..and land on another roof....oh yeah..his kickflip to five-0 on the p.b. ledges was good also....Joe mclellan skates next..his part was very short..and didn't show too much..except for the fact that he likes to skate p.b. alot...his best trick was the feeble grind to 180 out on the bar which is on the side of freds place....Marc Johnson breaks it down...kickflip nosegrinds...crazy manuals- nollie flip in and out...50-50 to backside lipslide on a flat rail..railslide to 5-0 and kickflip backside tailslides on handrails..and a switch hardflip down shelter island...and finally we have the cobra commander himself,Chad Knight...strippers,fakie kickflip into shelter island(otherwise known as the chain on top of the steep bank)and good skating decorate chads rookie pro part...and to top it all off..a switch backside kickflip down sports arena!!..all in all...the skating in the video was great...and i wish i could say the same about the editing..the video seemed to be put together kinda on the generic side..a simple cut and paste video which is void of any creativity...some of the parts were drawn out..and some of the editing was so wonder if the person actually pulled the trick...the video is definately worth a look...the skating speaks for itself.

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