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Give me your links.

Alright,here's the scoop...if you've got a good link that you think should be on my page...then send it on over.However,as with anything in life..there is always a catch.So here it is..i'm not gonna put a link to just any fucking page on the net to make you happy.So what you need to do is email me the link and tell me the name of the site,the address of the site,a brief description of the site,and what subject you think the site should go under on my page(ie:punk,ska,skateboarding etc.).HOWEVER!!..there are a few guidelines that need to be followed,they are listed below.

Those are the after you have read them all,and if your page is still eligible then send it to me and i will gladly link it up.I do realize that not everybody agrees with all of my if the site has alot of things that i do like and a couple things that i strongly disagree with(ie:see the guidelines)chances are..i will probably still link it up.However,if there is an inordinate amount of dislikes on the site..i will not put it up.If i do decide to link your page...i will notify you by email to let you know.If the page you send me belongs to you...and i link your page on least return the favor by linking me up to your page.

Alright,here we go!!

Send your links

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