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Attention:Basil has been in jail for the past 4 months...released on look for a whole new page update soon...also,if you emailed Basil..or took the survey,it was never recieved,look for the new email address at the bottom of the page.

BaSiL RoTtErDaMs


a page about skateboarding,music,literature and masturbation!!


SKATEBOARDING.-Video reviews,links,and skating.

PUNK'O'RAMA.-Only the best links and information on the state of punk rock.

SKA-LAHOLIC.-No third wave crap here..just the best ska on the net.

LITERATURE.-UPDATED..Some links and poems and a story i wrote.

FUCK SISKEL AND EBERT.-Just the best movies ever made.

ALL THAT OTHER CRAP.-Other homepages and stuff.

GOT A GOOD LINK?..GO HERE!-Give me your links.

A COUPLE PICTURES OF ME.-self explanatory..fruitcake.

A LITTLE BIT ABOUT ME.Everything you've wanted to know about me.

TAKE MY SURVEY.-Take my fucking survey...It's been UPDATED!!

THE AWARDS PAGE.-Apply for one of my awards..or look at the awards i have won.

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I pitty the fool..who don't like Basil's homepage!!