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The Evol video.."still life" premiered on may 31st at La Paloma theatre...there were three showings...the 7:30,9:00,and the 11:00 show...i only stayed for the first one....i got there about 1/2 an hour before the show..and i had just enough time to talk with some friends in the lobby...drink some bitter Evol brand beer...and watch Chris Hensleys band "kingpin" play...Matt hensley even made a guest appearence playing the accordian.The video was mainly edited and filmed by Brian Reid..the new team manager down at Evol,this video is definately the best video Evol has ever put out...great filming and editing.But let's get to the good stuff....the first part goes to Brian Emmers...his part was super clean and smooth...and lots of switch stance tricks...some of the tricks that stand out in his part are the nollie hardflip down the seven stairs at Horace Mann school...the all switch line at the long beach benchs...switch feebles..and his overall will definately be seeing more of brian in the future.Next segment is Adil Dyani's starts out with him breakdancing,then goes right into his vert skating...which is powerful and smooth...huge backside 360 indys...540 indys...and huge huge airs season his part...during the premiere,a fight between Jamie Thomas and Chad Muska broke out.Next up is Dan Connelly...and it starts out with a huge frontside grab over a gap at web park...Dans part was reletively short due to the fact that he tore all the ligaments in his ankle and his foot was literally hangin on to his leg by a string...however..he still gets some good stuff in his part like salad grinds...nollie backside tailslide down the P.B. middle ledge...and a nice backside grind on a highway the end of his get too see dan in he tries a 360 flip over a picnic table and his ankle folds in two.....Mako Urabe is next...i like Mako..he skates fast and clean...i filmed alot of the tricks in the end of his part...but starts out with him get pretty fuckin tech over the hip at the Grind Skatepark...lots of good stuff in Mako's part..backside smith at hubba hideout...kickflip backside noseblunts to revert on mini ramp...switch 180 smith grind down the seven rail at city college...and a huge huge (at least 6 feet high) 360 flip tail grab out of the bowl in canada....Dave Hupp from oregon is next...Dave manages to pull out some tricks like smith to 50-50 on a long flat bar....k-grinds the top of a three stair which is about 15 feet long...and lots of other we have a little friends section which shows some good skating by Dave Mayhew,Arron Snyder,Pete Lehman,Jordan Richter,Ben and Tas Pappas,Danny Way,Mike Crum,Ben and Misha,Cheyne,Neil Mims...who is am for Evol,and some other people that i forgot....after that we have in my opinion the best part of the whole video..Adam Mcnatt...Adam skates things most people wouldn't think about..and his part is filled with spots never seen in videos before...crazy roof gaps...long long grinds on rails and impromptu skating are his specialty....some highlights of his part are the crazy ollie from the roof into the bank ramp which is very far away at the Graffix factory...grinding halfway around on a knee high bar which goes in a circle....grind to kickflip on a balance beam bar...indy 540 out of the canada bowl...smith grind an 11 stair rail..which has a little story behind it..we were all drinking out in fallbrook one day and on our way back to san diego we pass this 11 stair rail..we stop and get out and adam who is still buzzed and who hadn't really skated that day busts out a smith on it on the fifth try.....and last but not least..his huge roof ollie off a 7 foot drop into a convex roof..ride down it and at the bottom ollie across a ten foot gap onto another is Mathias Ringstrom who is a vert destroyer and busts out pretty much everything on vert...front foot impossible backside airs,huge kickflip indys,and lots of other stuff that went by so fast i couldn't even tell what it was......and finally we have Tyrone Olson..who just about destroys every single rail in all of san diego....Tyrone busts out a backside lipslide down the 13 stair rail at city college in the end of a line....360 flip to lipslide down the seven rail at city college....nosegrind nollie heelfip out across a bench...360 flip down sports arena and tons of other crazy shit in his 4 1/2 minute part....the end of the video shows all the miscellanious shit they didn't use and some candid does show adam switch noseslide a 9 flat 6 rail which curves around....and lots of other funny shit....if you watch closely during the credits you can watch me as i backside kickflip over the handrail at the huntington park.....and after all that we still have more...a little skit from the old "Shackle me not" video is re-done...Brian reid wants everybody to know that it was Tony's idea..not his...anyways..Adam saves it with a 50-50 down the craziest rail i have seen..a 21 stair rail that curves into a half circle...after that is some skating by Tony Mag and Brian Reid....and that's it....the video is definately worth the won't be dissapointed in this one.

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